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The story before the story

How many courses, seminars and training courses have you already attended as part of your continuing education commitment?

Are you also missing a further education opportunity that offers you real added value in practice?

Then we have the solution for you:

Based on our many years of experience in Risk Management and the insurance industry, Verismo Academy has developed a certificate course with added value on Risk Management (in 15h).

Our approach

Many people believe that their insurance protects them against all riks. Often you only find out when it is already too late that many risks are not insured at all.

Depending on the industry, geographical location, legal contracts, etc., there are a number of other risks that must be identified in a thorough risk analysis.  

Verismo Academy has been cooperating in these areas for years with VdS Schadenverhütung GmbH  – Europe’s largest institute for corporate security and a 100% subsidiary of the German Insurance Association.

In our training to become a certified risk manager for insurance intermediaries, we show you how you can carry out a solid risk analysis and advise your customers competently. In this way you can not only meet the demands and wishes of demanding customers, but are also perceived as a real dialogue partner.  

We will give you a new story that will help you retain loyal customers and acquire new ones.

Our further education offer

The training to become a certified risk manager for insurance intermediaries was developed in accordance with the legal requirements for mandatory further training for insurance intermediaries, and is designed to offer you real added value.


In the first two days you will learn the basics of Risk Management (according to ISO 31000), on the third day our experts will teach you the sales aspects of Risk Management in the insurance industry.

You will learn how to make your competitor irrelevant in consulting and how to score points with your future customers.

On the last day, you will take an examination which you pass to qualify as a certified Risk Manager.

Seminar announcement in PDF format

Goals You master the basics and the language of Risk Management and are able to advise your customers confidently and competently.
Participants Maximum 15 participants
€ 2’500.- conference fee plus Value added tax (incl. accommodation, seminar documents and catering)

We are also happy to offer insurance companies in-house seminars on Risk Management for insurance intermediaries. The content of the seminars is tailored to the specific needs of your company. We would be happy to arrange a consultation appointment to discuss dates and content in more detail.


Seminar rooms

Can you no longer see the classic seminar hotels? We combine learning with fun and entertainment. Therefore, our seminars take place in extraordinary seminar & theme hotels such as Europapark, Heide Parkor Phantaisaland.

Train the Trainers Seminar

You are an experienced business coach and would like to become a trainer in Risk Management for insurance intermediaries?

Versimo Academy offers various train the trainers seminars on Risk Management and insurance.

We will gladly receive your inquiry.

Do you have any questions about our seminar program or would you like to book this course at another date or location?

We are looking forward to helping you.

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