Continuity and crisis management audit seminar

Through Covid-19, many organizations have had to gain significant hands-on experience in the operation of their business continuity management (BCM) and crisis teams. This has revealed significant challenges in the areas of organization and internal processes. In addition to the Covid 19 crisis, however, companies are increasingly affected by ransomware attacks. The challenge is to identify and implement ways to optimize resilience. In this process, a meaningful audit report on the weaknesses and missing controls in continuity and crisis management is a helpful basis for improvement processes.

In the seminar by HAUB + PARTNER GmbH, you will be provided with tried and tested audit approaches and methods for scrutinizing and further developing the business continuity concept and crisis management.

With our Managing Director Klaus Bockslaff, Ante Gaspar VP Corporate Security Coca-Cola European Partners and our Senior Consultant Friedrich Christian Haas as seminar leaders.

This seminar will definitely be held as a live stream.

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