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In spite of careful preparation no company is protected against accidents, crises, reputational damages or hacking attacks.

Rather we should ask the question, how we can reduce the probability of the occurrence of an incident, how an escalation can be prevented and how fast a company can recover from an incident without disastrous losses.

We believe that the topics Risk Management, Security Management, Business Continuity Management (BCM), Crisis Management, Crisis Communication and Information Security Management and Data Privacy are closely linked, and that they can fundamentally contribute to the value chain if the correct systems and processes are available.

Hence we set the focus in our Consulting on the principle of Resilience Management.

Gladly our consultants support you in the following areas:

Current projects

We support clients from various industries to establish reliable Risk, Security, Business Continuity and Crisis Management Systems. We are pleased to present you a selection of current projects.

Conceptual design and introduction of a word wide Risk Management System for a Catering Company
Examination of the security situation in the central logistics warehouse of a media company and subsequent introduction of a Business Continuity Management System with concluding support in the certification according to ISO 22301
Development and introduction of a web based tool for the optimization of Crisis Management Processes for an energy company.
Examination of the handling of the crisis in Fukushima through a globally acting pharmaceutical company and development of suggestion to improve the course of action in a situation of crisis
Development and introduction of a process oriented Security Management System for a swiss-wide action real estate company
Development and Introduction of a web based tool to optimize the Workplace Safety Processes for a company in the automobile industry
Examination of the safety precautions of the facilities from the cantonal administration and support with the improvement of the Security Status
Concept to establish a Service Delivery Management System for Security Services
Development and implementation of a staged Training and Development Program in Crisis Management for a company in the energy industry
Examination of the Safety precaution of a renowned department store enterprise to fulfill the requirements of a terror insurance provider
Introduction of a web based Crisis Management Software Tool for a public transportation company in Switzerland
Development of a Business Continuity Management based System to define required Security Standards for production facilities for a technology oriented company in the supplying industry
Introduction of an integrated Business Continuity and Crisis Management System for a media company
Examination and subsequent optimization of a Information Security System and support in the certification according to ISO 27001 for an IT company
Introduction of a Crisis Management System for a renowned retail store concern with concluding trainings for the members of the emergency task forces

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