Crisis Communication

Communication is fundamental in Emergency and Crisis Management

Have you ever asked yourself why certain CEOs are able to communicate calmly and eloquently during an interview in a crisis situation? Why some appear to be confident and yet empathetic, and why others are getting themselves deeper deeper into the crisis with every word they say?

The answer is practice and a comprehensive Crisis Communication Strategy.

Crisis Communication is a part of Crisis Management. Crisis Communication is directed both internally (internal communication) and to the public. Crisis Communication can be used preventively to avoid crises, but it often serves to limit the extent of damage to a company’s reputation when a crisis has already occurred.

Our approach

During our consulting work in Crisis Management we have developed an integrated approach to Crisis Communication. We work with media and communications professionals to adapt your company’s Crisis Communication Plans to the media landscape in your region.

The following the goals of our Crisis Communication Consulting:

  • You have a sound Crisis Communication Strategy and Crisis Communication Manuals
  • You know the media landscape relevant to your company and have the capacity to manage different media channels simultaneously
  • You know the tasks relating to Crisis Communication and the role of the person responsible for communication in the crisis unit
  • You are able to manage your reputation risks through active Crisis Communication

Crisis Communication Consulting

Our expertise in the field of Crisis Communication lies in the following areas:

The goal of our consulting services in the introduction of a Crisis Communication Strategy is to support you in introducing a strategy that is tailored to the specific needs of your company and the media landscape of your location. Another goal is to familiarize your communications team, managers and other relevant employees with Crisis Communication, and to provide you with the necessary methodological tools in a training session that you can use in an emergency.

As result you receive a tailor-made Crisis Communication Handbook.

The goal of our Crisis Communication Training and Crisis Unit Drills is to train your communication team, your managers and other relevant employees in the event of an emergency using a scenario specially developed for your company. The “script” for this exercise is compiled with an employee of your company based on the agreed learning objective. During the exercise you will be challenged in real time across multiple media channels and learn to withstand the pressure of the media.

As result of such an exercise is not only a well-prepared and experienced team, but also insights into the efficiency and relevance of the existing Crisis Communication Strategy. Based on our observations, a debriefing with the participants and the lessons learned, we will present you a detailed report with measures to improve your Crisis Communication Strategy.

In addition to our consulting services we offer trainings on the topic of Crisis Communication at our course center or individually at your company.

Do you have any questions to our offer or wish a Crisis Management Consulting?

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